Critique, Institution, Affect

In this working group, we examine the relationship between critique, institution, and affect from an interdisciplinary perspective. We ask which new perspectives emerge on both theories and social practice of critique with an approach of Affective Societies. This approach understands affect as a basic category of the social and thus also of critique and its institutional practices. To achieve this goal, we read authors of different traditions of critical thinking, ask about their affective dynamics, and discuss various social institutions of critique with an emphasis on art as a critical practice. In addition, we offer space to engage with the role of critique, institution and affect in one's own academic work in a collegial exchange.

Coordinators: Aletta Diefenbach, Matthias Lüthjohann und Hans Roth


21.22.2019 - Introduction

05.12.2019 - Critique in Crisis (1974-2004)

19.12.2019 - Critique and Enlightenment

09.01.2020 - Critical Sociology and the Sociology of Critique

23.01.2020 - The Waning of Critique

30.01.2020 - Aesthetic Dimensions of Critique - the Art as an Institution of Critique

13.02.2020 - Critique after critique after critique...