Call for abstracts: Between materiality and construction? Researching emotions from a multi-paradigmatic perspective. A joined session with the Research Network 11 “Sociology of Emotions” of the European Sociological Association.

News from Jan 07, 2020

RC33: Logic and Methodology in Sociology. 8 – 11 September 2020, Nicosia, Cyprus

Emotions and affects are increasingly the focus of analysis across a number of disciplines and
professional settings, however their tacit and explicit role in both selection of methodology and
interpretation of data can be overshadowed by attempts to rationalise particular choices. The
question of how to empirically study emotionality in social contexts is particularly problematic
as, with their language of objectivity, methodology textbooks may fail to do justice to the requirement
of emotion research, suggesting new languages and techniques may be needed.
For this session, the question of the postulation of the special position of emotions and affects
between materiality and construction – which might be connected to the discussion about new
materialism – and the question what this may imply for empirical research are the focus of
interest. Questions arise such as: How can we as researchers, cope adequately with this supposed
“In-Betweenness” of emotions and affects? What are the best methodical tools for
achieving this purpose? What kind of methodology is needed? How do we, study and identify
emotional and affective states? How can we calculate the impact of emotions as drivers of
political and social change? This panel devoted to methods and emotion will enable some of
these fundamental questions to be fruitfully considered in the light of the discussions that arose
from the earlier RN11 sessions.

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Closing date: Monday, 20 January 2020.

Alison Fixsen
University of Westminster, United Kingdom

Yvonne Albrecht
Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

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