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Affektökonomien im Vergleich. Ein (neuer) Blick auf Theater und Migration in Berlin und London

Oberkrome, Friederike; Roth, Hans – 2019

Museums and Photography combines a strong theoretical approach with international case studies to investigate the display of death in various types of museums—history, anthropology, art, ethnographic, and science museums – and to understand the changing role of photography in museums. Contributors explore the politics and poetics of displaying death, and more specifically, the role of photography in representing and interpreting this difficult topic. Working with nearly 20 researchers from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines, the editors critically engage the recent debate on the changing role of museums, exhibition meaning-making, and the nature of photography. They offer new ways for understanding representational practices in relation to contemporary visual culture. This book will appeal to researchers and museum professionals, inspiring new thinking about death and the role of photography in making sense of it.

Affektökonomien im Vergleich
Oberkrome, Friederike; Roth, Hans
Erschienen in
Warstat (Hg.) 2019 – Profitable Aesthetics