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„Endlich darüber reden können“. Psychiatrie als affektiver Artikulationsraum und die Formierung transkultureller Emotionsrepertoires im Migrationsprozess

Poser, Anita von; Lanca, Jörg-Christian; Heyken, Edda – 2017

(P)reenactment is proposed as a concept that, as indicated by its specific notation, brings together the terms of reenactment and preenactment, highlighting the fundamental interconnectedness and interdependence of pro- and retrospection as well as the instability of each temporal perspective. As a key concept for affect studies, (p)reenactment can thus serve as a heuristic tool to analyze performative inquiries into questions of affectivity and its relation to temporal and spatial orders. The term not only refers to embodied live performances, but also seems promising for the analysis of mediatized phenomena. (P)reenactment has the potential to set up situations of affecting and being affected. It is also central to understanding processes of group building taking place in everyday lifeworlds and is therefore deeply entangled with political practices.

„Endlich darüber reden können“
Poser, Anita von; Lanca, Jörg-Christian; Heyken, Edda
ISBN: 9783981613339
Erschienen in
Kocatürk-Schuster, Kolb et al. (Hg.) April 2017 – UnSichtbar
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pp. 256–273