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Introduction. Affective Societies - Key Concepts

Affective Societies: Key Concepts (Cover)

Affective Societies: Key Concepts (Cover)

Slaby, Jan; Scheve, Christian von – 2019

In this introduction, we outline the Affective Societies research perspective and explain the rationale of the volume. In particular, we expound upon Affective Societies as both a theoretical designator capable of orienting productive work in social and cultural theory and a diagnostic-analytical lens for coming to terms with a range of recent societal developments. Along the way, we sketch the main theoretical trends that inform the approach to affect and emotion essential to all of the chapters in this volume. These include a dynamic-relational and situated understanding of affective phenomena, a perspective on embodied yet mobile repertoires of emotion, practices of mediation, and performativity. We then introduce our understanding of concepts as dynamic templates for analytical articulation. We conceive of concepts as generative schemas linking disciplinary perspectives and bridging theory with research. Furthermore, we explain the logic that informs the four thematic parts of the volume and outline the generic format of the chapters.

Slaby, Jan; Scheve, Christian von
DOI: 10.4324/9781351039260-1
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Slaby, Scheve (Ed.) 2019 – Affective Societies
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pp. 1–24