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During the first phase of the project B02, Reality TV was examined as a media format that explicitly focuses on the creation and production of affects. The theoretical concepts and methodological approaches developed there are now being applied to journalism.

The focus is on the question of how journalism, which is normatively committed to the ideal of neutral reporting, nevertheless generates emotions and makes them visible in discourse. This is examined on the basis of audiovisual reporting on the subject of flight and migration since 1990. In addition to professional journalism, parajournalistic formats such as YouTube videos also come to the fore. We ask which affective dynamics become visible in the media formats themselves and through the interaction with the users.

First research phase: Transcultural Emotional Repertoires in and by Reality TV

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The project “Transcultural Emotional Repertoires in and by Reality TV” turned to the question of which affective dynamics emerge among the global circulation of popular cultural media formats like reality TV.


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