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In its third term, the CRC 1171 is organized around three new, closely interrelated thematic areas in which the subprojects are located:

Mobilizing, Negotiating, and Averting. A central reflection project and a public relations project will focus on cross-network research.

Thematic area: Mobilizing

In the thematic area Mobilizing, we will investigate how the practices and discourses of activist engagement give rise to designs and imaginaries of social coexistence. This for example concerns processes of activist mobilizations, alliances, and global affective communalizations, also it can mean demarcations from or subordinations to established institutions.


Thematic area: Negotiating

In the thematic area Negotiating we explore the negotiation of future-related affective dynamics and emotions in different media, artistic or political fields and public spheres. Here, the focus will be on strategies and legitimations of demanding or rejecting certain emotions and affective attitudes, as well as related conflict events.


Thematic area: Averting

The thematic area Averting deals with opposing movements of resistance and the absence of affective and emotional involvement. For example, the focus lies on dimensions of the "unfeeling" as well as forms and strategies of avoidance, modulation or even the withdrawal of affects.


Archive: The projects of the 1st & 2nd funding periods