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Support for Ukraine

A terrifying and ever-escalating war by the Russian Federation against Ukraine is unfolding only a short flight away from Berlin. People escaping the violence are arriving in large numbers in our city every day. Our position in this conflict is in solidarity with the population of Ukraine, with Ukrainian refugees, and against evident Russian military aggression. We are adamant in supporting the safety and security of a civilian population, and we are distraught by the consequences of war in all its forms. The CRC is organizing humanitarian aid in a collective effort to support Ukrainian people experiencing loss of home, loss of security, and loss of life.

However, our thoughts are also with Russian people for whom this war will bring suffering; we lament the violent suppression of peaceful protests by Russians in their home country—and any people, in any country—punished for voicing their opposition against war; we condemn discrimination experienced by ethnic minorities fleeing Ukraine at international borders, as well as the emerging and disturbing cases of human trafficking and exploitation. Wars, whether initiated by autocrats, or by entire political systems, demarcate fault lines and erect borders that impede joint efforts urgently needed to protect an already endangered planet. Consistent civil engagement and mobility within and across borders is thus more necessary than ever. 




Freie Universität Berlin
Charité Berlin
German Research Association
Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Ethnologisches Museum Berlin
Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin
Universität Hamburg