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press review

Diversität im Journalismus - Journalismus im Dialog

What about the diversity in German editorial offices? Do black / migrant / muslim lives really matter? Journalist Ferda Ataman from the New German Media Makers and Prof. Dr. Margreth Lünenborg from TP B02 in the third edition of "Journalism in Dialog" by mbb.

Süßes Gefühl mit bitteren Folgen

Revenge is sweet, they say. In practice however, revenge is usually not a good idea. In the BR2 program "radioWissen", Fabian Bernhardt (TP05) gives an interview with Daniela Remus on this subject.

Der Zorn in uns

Fabian Bernhardt (project B05) published an article on fantasies of vegeance in the Philosophie Magazin, in which he discusses the difference between the self-image and the image of the other when it comes to longing for revenge.

Ein Richtungsstreit unter Sezessionisten

An article by Aletta Diefenbach and Tim Lörke (both project C04), published by FAZ, describes the struggle for interpretational sovereignity within the right-wing scene and the wrestle of the intellectual New Right with the loss of importance during the "Anti Corona measures"-demonstrations.

Begrüßungen während Corona - Im Handumdrehen angesteckt

In this article by Edit Magazine, Thomas Stodulka talks about emerging greeting rituals in times of Corona and explains which impacts these could have on our future understand of culture.

Der Fall Tönnies zeigt, warum wir über Scham sprechen sollten

In an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk, sociologist Sighard Neckel explains the public constructions of avoiding shame using the meat manufacturer Tönnies as an example and explains what we can learn from our feelings of shame.

Pflanzen berühren und verstehen - Forschungsprojekt zum Anthropozän

In the new sub-project of SFB1171, Sandra Calkins and Albert-Dieter Stevens examine the everyday encounters between people and plants in the botanical garden for their affective potential and thereby question our anthropocentric relationship with the environment and nature.

Zwischen Leichtsinn und Vorsicht Hamburg ist gespalten – in zwei Corona-Lager

Sighard Neckel, head of TP B06 and professor at the University of Hamburg in conversation with the Hamburger Morgenpost about the generation issue in dealing with corona measures and the new normal.

Le racisme, une histoire d'émotions ?

In an interview with Deutsche Welle, sociologist Yasemin Ural reports on the role of emotions in the perception of racism and in the dynamics of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jetzt steht eine Grundsatzfrage auf dem Spiel

Bilgin Ayata talks with Tobi Müller in the "Sonntagsgespräch" of the Deutsche Theater about the refugee situation in Europe during the pandemic.

Solidarität in der Krise: Warum die Suche nach Sündenböcken so schädlich ist

When an earthquake shatters a city, people tend to show solidarity. When an epidemic is going round, it seems that fear is swallowing people's empathy. Sighard Neckel, head of project B06, explains why in an interview with GEO.

"Natürlich löst das Ängste aus"

Hansjörg Dilger, head of project C03, gave Zeit Online an interview on the dealings of different cultures with diseases in general and the Coronavirus specifically.

Moralischer Universalismus in Zeiten politischer Regression

Aletta Diefenbach, research assistant at project C04, together with Claudia Czingon and Victor Kempf, conducted an interview with Jürgen Habermas, which was publushed in the Leviathan.

Trapattoni, Özdemir und jetzt Greta Thunberg: Wutreden - Gefühlsausbruch oder Rhetorik?

Jonas Bens, project A06, gave Radio Bremen an interview.

Der Siegeszug des Heimatbegriffs gefährdet die europäische Demokratie - ein Beitrag von Bilgin Ayata im Tagesspiegel

Everyone is talking about 'Heimat'. This plays into the hands of dictators like Erdogan - and obscures the real problem. Bilgin Ayata, Mercator-Fellow at the CRC, delivers the opening speech at the scientific conference of this years Herbstsalon at the Gorki Theater in Berlin. It was printed in the Tagesspiegel.

"'Heimat' is deeply engraved into our bodies"

An interview with Birgitt Röttger-Rössler on WDR 5's programme "Neugier genügt" on the 19th of April, 2018.

Participatory theater today? The role of immersion

Theresa Schütz, research assistant at at B03: Reenacting Emotions, talked with Deutschlandradio Kultur about particapory theater and the role of immersion.