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lectures, workshops and other events

Presentations of B02 at the Dreiländertagung ""#Kommunikation #(R)Evolution"

At the three-country conference for communication 2021 "#Kommunikation #(R)Evolution
Zum Wandel der Kommunikation in der digitalen Gesellschaft" the sub-project B02 took part with two contributions.

Lecture Series "Mobility Affects"

The interdisciplinary and cross institutional lecture series takes into account the affective dynamics in postmigrant societies from various points of view.

Teststrecke Berlin

scientific communication in the humanities, 24.-25.09.2020

Do the humanities have a special obligation to name and reflect cultural developments? What role does the communication of humanistic insight play in the solidarity of a society?

Workshop: "Engaging the Elsewhere - Affective politics and political aesthetics across Muslim and Christian life-worlds"

A workshop organised by Hansjörg Dilger, Omar Kasmani, Dominik Mattes and Nasima Selim of project C03 in cooperation with the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Spring School: "The Power of Immersion: Performance – Affect – Politics"

From the 9th up to the 13h of April, 2018, the first international Spring School of the CRC took place at FU Berlin. It was organised by junior researchers Rainer Mühlhoff (project B05) and Theresa Schütz (project B03).

Exhibition "Affect Me. Social Media Images in Art"

In cooperation with KAI 10 | Arthena Foundation, project B01 curated an exhibition titled "Affect Me - Social Media Images in Art". Duration: 11th November 2017 to 10th March 2018.

Comunidad – Home – Heimat. Film series at Cinema Babylon, Berlin

Project A05 "The Affective Creation of ‘Home’: Patron Saint Fiesta Videos in the Transnational Setting of Mexico/USA" organised the film series „Comunidad – Home – Heimat“ at the Babylon cinema Berlin. Attended by the filmmakers, films from the mobile indigenous life-worlds were shown and discussed.

International Workshop “The Affective Creation of Community: Home-Making Practices between Mexico, Peru and the USA”

on November 11th, 2016, project A05 hosted the Workshop "The Affective Creation of Community: Home-Making Practices between Mexico, Peru and the USA" at the Institute for Latin American Studies, FU Berlin. Guests were Ulla Berg (Rutgers University), Gisela Cánepa (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), Adriana Cruz-Manjarrez (Universidad de Colima), Julia Pauli (Universität Hamburg) and Freya Schiwy (University of Riverside California).

Lecture und Workshop mit Kamari Clarke

February 09-10, 2016
Invited by Olaf Zenker and his research project B04, Kamari Clarke gave a lecture and hosted a workshop at the department for socio-cultural anthopology on the topic of "Affective Justice and the Politics of Sentimentality: The International Criminal Court in Africa".

Making films and living together - On the politics of German-Turkish cinema

On the 17th of October, 2017, Nazli Kilerci and Hauke Lehmann discuss with their guests the evolution of the Turkish cinema. The media and cultural scientist Ömer Alkın gives a lecture on his recent book, followed by a screening of Ayşe Polat's short film "Gräfin Sophia Hatun" (1997).

Making films and watching films. Focus group „Poiesis of the German-Turkish cinema"“

In February and March 2017, the project C06 opened three rounds of talks at the "Cinepoetics" - Center for Advanced Film Studies to discuss the theses of the project. They were joined by a team of research assistants and fellows of the Center as well as three filmmakers – Buket Alakuş, Serkan Çetinkaya und Ayşe Polat.

Globale Gefühle – lokale Affekte? Die kulturelle Transformation von Unterhaltungssendungen

The workshop "Globale Geefühle - lokale Affekte" (global feelings--local affects? The cultural transformation of entertainment programs) was organized by research project B02 and took place at the FU on April 29th, 2016.

Slamming Affective Societies

To celebrate the opening of the second research phase, the CRC Affective Socities hosted a festive science slam in the foyer of the Museen Dahlem.

Conference: "Affekte - Medien - Macht"

Project B02 "Transcultural Emotional Repertoires in and by Reality TV", in collaboration with the the German Association of Communication Research (DGPuK) division “Sociology of Media and Communication”, organized a conference under the title "Affects - Media - Power" from June 29th to July 1st in Berlin.

Lecture and Workshop by Adam Branch

"The Trial of Dominic Ongwen: Rupturing Narratives of Responsibilty" - Adam Branch, lecturer at the Department for Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge was invited to give a talk at the CRC Affective Societies by Olaf Zenker, head of project B04.

Lecture by Hartmut Rosa

On January 5th 2017 the CRC Affective Societies was happy to welcome sociologist Hartmut Rosa (University of Jena), who gave a talk titled "Kritik der digitalen Resonanzverhältnisse. Über die psychoemotionale Grundierung unserer Weltbeziehungen" (Ciritique of the digital relation of resonance. On the psycho-emotional foundation of our world relationships, in German).

Lecture und Workshop mit Thomas Scheffer

Thomas Scheffer, invited by Olaf Zenker (head of project B04), gave a lecture titled "States-at-Work: The Trans-Sequential Analysis of Procedural Work", followed by a workshop on his method of trans-sequential analysis.

International Conference Affective Relationality

April 21-23, 2016:
Presenting international case studies and theoretical contributions from the fields of social and cultural anthropology, sociology, cultural geography and culture and media studies, this conference gives shape to affective relationality as a fundamental dimension of human reality.