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Generation(s) talk - Chuyện trò thế hệ: Digital Storytelling in Vietnamese Berlin

In cooperation with VLab Berlin, a young non-profit company that supports German-Vietnamese people of the first and second Generation in Germany, and the Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany, subprojects A01 and A02 work on a Digital-Storytelling-format on Vietnamese Migration to Germany.

Building on the knowledge that objects - like those the DoMiD collects and archives - can have highly affective and narrative-inducing effects, the project uses musical, artistic and everyday objects to invite and digitally archive narrations of German-Vietnamese people.

The product is the series of videos called "Generation(s) talk", that wants to make tangible the diaspooric life experiences of the past, present and future of Second Generation Vietnamese People in Germany. In the stories, which blur the line between fiction and autiobiography, the protagonists talk about what has shaped their lives, and thus pass down parts of their generation's and their community's history. The short films tackle the importance of music, relations between generations, love and memory as well as the central topic of (not) belonging. The series is at the same time an examination of Vietnamese-diasporic production of culture in Germany and uses elements of the melodramatic performances of the Vietnamese cult cabaret series "Paris by Night".

The short films show three individual perspectives of German-Vietnamese lived realities and aim to invite other members of the Vietnamese-German community to share their memories and viewpoints. Thus, we hope to build a digital network of narrations that makes visible the diversity of diasporic experiences and their socio-historic situatedness.

The subprojects A01 and A02, who both work with the Vietnamese Berlin, will also deploy this storytelling format as a particpative research tool. The stories will be explored and reflected as stimuli for discussion in working with welfare organizations as well as with mental health services.

Starting September 2021, the projekt "Generation(s) talk" can be accessed through the YouTube Chanal of VLab Berlin as well as through the Vimeo Channel of the CRC 1171.