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Generation(s) talk - Chuyện trò thế hệ: Digital Storytelling in Vietnamese Berlin

Generation(en) erzählen

Who are we actually? "We" as part of society, as a generation, as a diaspora? It is not easy to find oneself between relationships, expectations and prejudices. Music and art can help - to express oneself, to make oneself visible and audible, also within the Vietnamese-German diaspora.

The video series "Generation(s) talk" plays between times and places. By linking fragments of the past, present and future, the diasporic is made tangible. In the plots, which blur the line between fiction and autobiography, the protagonists tell their stories from their own perspective and thus pass on a piece of history of their generation and their communities. It is about music, generations, love, memories and (non-)belonging. The video series is an examination of Vietnamese-diasporic cultural production in Germany and incorporates elements of the melodramatic performances of the Vietnamese-language cult vaudeville series "Paris by Night. Another feature is the audio recordings of the Vietnamese-language radio program "Stimme der Heimat" (Tiếng Quê Hương), which were recovered from the German Radio Archive. The weekly program was broadcast shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when developments, especially for contract workers*, were spiraling...

As of September 4, the Viet-German digital storytelling project "Generation(s) speak" is available on VLab Berlin's Youtube channel as well as on SFB 1171's Vimeo channel. There are ongoing updates on the project on our websites (www.vlabberlin.de and https://www.sfb-affective-societies.de/) and via our social media channels (Facebook, IG, Twitter). Stay tuned!