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VLab Berlin

VLab Berlin is a social entrepreneur spin-off of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Emerging from the student initiative Vietnam Stammtisch @Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the team has been actively promoting Vietnamese-German educational and cultural transfer since 2013. In the non-profit sector, we realise formal and informal (learning) events to make the diversity of Vietnamese-German perspectives more visible and to create interfaces between generations and countries. In the area of business, we offer services to teach intercultural skills. The V stands for our Vietnam connection; as a Lab, we are open to new formats of cultural transfer and education.

Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany

The association was founded by migrants in 1990 and has the largest collection of objects and testimonies in Germany documenting the diverse history of migration in Germany. In addition, we research and publish on various topics and organise exhibitions. From the beginning, DOMiD has advocated for a culture of remembrance in the migration society and continues to advocate for the inclusion of the diverse history of migrants in official historical narratives.

CRC 1171 Affective Socieities

Researchers from a total of nine disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, cultural studies and natural sciences are working together on Collaborative Research Centre 1171 Affective Societies. They research affects and emotions in their central role for social interaction, whether in the arts, in politics, in connection with migration or in dealing with new media technologies.