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The Affective Creation of ‘Home’: Patron Saint Fiesta Videos in the Transnational Setting of Mexico/USA (2015-2019)

The Affective Creation of "Home", Credits: Ingrid Kummels

The Affective Creation of "Home", Credits: Ingrid Kummels

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Taking an anthropological perspective, the subproject explores how actors affectively produce a multi-sited `home’. Video films which document the celebration in honour of the patron saint in the Mexican community of origin are a central feature of affective practices which actors in Mexico and the US carry out while building a transnational community. People who live in the villages of the Oaxacan Sierra Norte, as well as migrant workers and the second generation of their descendants who have settled in Los Angeles, participate in this process. The subproject develops affective media practices as a key concept and a methodological approach for the multi-sited field research in the US and Mexico. It accompanies the actors during their engagement with traditional media such as dance and live music, which are remediated through radio programs, video films and social media. It investigates debates that are triggered by media actors (dance and music teachers, professional filmmakers, internet radio programmers and ethnic influencers) and deal with issues of cultural authenticity / transculturalism of community life. [read more]

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