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Ayuujk Cameras

Several Ayuujk men and women from the Sierra Mixe in Oaxaca, Mexico, have established small family businesses that record patron saint fiestas in the regional villages. Their fiesta videos, which are disseminated in series of up to ten DVDs, have developed into a genre popular both in Mexico and the US. Nevertheless, many issues arise during the production and viewing of the videos, prompting these filmmakers to reflect on life and work in a transnational community.


Living in Los Angeles for more than four decades, Juan Ventura returns with his family to his hometown of Yalálag in Oaxaca, Mexico, to offer altar candles and celebrate the fiesta of its patron saint Santiago. The sacrifice he brought to visit his distant Zapotec hometown has a special story. The same applies to the other guests reuniting at his fiesta after so many years.