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Reenacting Emotions II

The Agency: Love Fiction, 2016

The Agency: Love Fiction, 2016
Image Credit: Piotr Rybkowski

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Reeanacting Emotions II – Life Forms and Technologies of Immersion in the Performing Arts

Our project will be dealing with the circumstances under which the phenomena of immersion within a theatre and performance studies context is produced. We want to examine historical as well as contemporary artistic collectives to highlight how they are dealing with processes of immersion in their daily artistic life and therein produce specific artistic life forms (Lebensformen). Moreover, we want to look at the historical dimension of immersion along various artistic explorations of immersive technologies. Here we want to study the discursive-material networks and their apparatuses of bodily production, which we designate as techno-ecologies of immersion. In combining these two approaches we finally want to explore the transgressive potential as well as the current ubiquity of immersion.

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