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M.A. Karina Rocktaeschel

Freie Universität Berlin

CRC 1171 "Affective Societies"


Project B03

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Room JK 33/215
14195 Berlin
Since 2019

PhD project "Spectra of Immerison - Analysis for a Theory on Theatrical Assemblages"

2013 – 2017

Master in Theater Studies with a thesis on the “Aesthetics of non-human living beings. Reflections on Posthumanism and the Performing Arts on the basis of Stelarc, Laura Aguilar, and SIGNA.”

2009 – 2013

BA in Theatre Studies and Film Studies

2014 – 2017

Student assistant at the Department of Theater Studies, Free University, working for Dr. Susanne Foellmer and Dr. Kirsten Maar

2014 – 2016

Mentor in Theater Studies

2014 – 2019

Finance Manager Gob Squad Arts Collective

Winter 2022/23

HBK Braunschweig, Institute for Media Studies, "Spektra of Immersion"

Winter 2021/22

FU Berlin, Institute for Theatre Studies, „Undoing Mastery“ (Together with Theresa Schütz)

Summer 2021

FU Berlin, Workshop during the Performing Arts Festival

Winter 2020/21

FU Berlin, Institute for Theatre Studies, „Feminism for the 99%“ (Together with Juliane Gorke)

Summer 2019

FU Berlin, Institute for Theatre Studies: “Performance and Technology” (Together with Prof. Dr. Doris Kolesch)

Summer 2017

FU Berlin, Institute for Theatre Studies: „Immersive Theater avant la lettre? Historical precursors in the arts since the 1950s” (Together with Theresa Schuetz)

Winter 2015/16

FU Berlin, Institute for Theatre Studies: “Can the Non-Human be performed?” (Together with Jule Gorke, Lotte Schuessler, Dr. Adam Czirak)

Research Project on the Performances of Immersion

PhD project focussing on technological and non-technological scenes of immersion, the apparatus of bodily production in the technological scenes of immersion and the tension between immersion/embeddedness and non-immersion/disembeddedness

Head of the Working Group: Ecology & Affect (together with Tamar Blickstein) Interests:

-   Performance, Technology, Immersion

-   Ecology, New Materialism, Posthumanism

-   Cicrumstances of production, processes of subjectivation in the Performing Arts

-   Body-, Gender-, and Queer-Theory

-   Affect and emotion in relational aesthetics


Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft e.V.

International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR)


"Tanz und Diaspora - Rezension zu Layla Zamis: Contemporary PerforMemory. Dancing through Spacetime, Historical Trauma, and Diaspora in the 21st Century", in: tanznetz.de Blog, September 2021

Interview with Daniela Ginthen about the PAD Festival as part of the interview series "Transition of Institutions", in: Affective Societies Blog, April 2021.

Interview with Emre Akal on AYŞE X-Staatstheater as part of the interview series "Transition of Institutions", in: Affective Societies Blog, Dezember 2020.

"Zitate im Tanz - Rezension zu Maria Katharina Schmidts: Getanzte Zitate. Vom choreografierten Déjà-vu", in: tanznetz.de Blog, January 2021.

(mit Juliane Gorke) "Ein Kommentar zur symbolischen Ordnung der Diskriminierung im Theater", in: Affective Societies Blog, November 2020.

"The eternal return of the same? Or: Humans in Theatre", in: Affective Societies Blog, Juli 2020.

"Fragmente der Immersion: Viraler Paranoia Punk trifft auf meine Corona-Leseliste", in: Affective Societies Blog, April 2020.

"Von Äpfeln und Birnen. Überlegungen zu den Berliner Haushaltsverhandlungen 2019, der Institution (Stadt-)Theater und den Freien Gruppen", in: Affective Societies Blog, Dezember 2019.

Lectures / Talks / Panels

July 2021 Lecture "Performing ecological crisis. Rethinking Performance" at the conference of the IFTR, Galway, "Theatre Ecologies: Environments, Sustainability and Politics"

May 2021 Lecture "Posthuman Immersion - Reflections on Digital Avatars and Figurations of the Human" at the conference "Posthuman Mimesis" at KU Leuven

April 2020 Lecture "Technoecologies of Immersion - Some thoughts on Performances around Virtual Reality" at the conference “DIS(S)-CONECT II – How media separate and relate” organised by University of Vienna

April 2019 Lecture “Psychedelic Architectures – Some thoughts on the machines of immersion in the 1960s” at the conference “DIS(S)-CONECT – How media separate and relate” at the JGU Mainz

November 2018 Panel “Technologies of Immersion – on Technologies and Technics” at the annual conference of the GTW in Düsseldorf

November 2018 Lecture “Technologies of Immersion around 1968” within the panel “Technologies of Immersion”

April 2018 Respondence to the lecture of Dr. Adam Alston at the Spring School “The power of Immersion” at FU Berlin

October 2017 Artist Talk with the Swedish collective Bombina Bombast at the 5th Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts in Berlin

June 2017 Lecture „Performing the Non-Human” at the annual conference of the international research network Performance Philosophy in Prague