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Central Administration Project


Image Credit: Miriam Klingl

Coordination Staff Former staff members

The central administration project is responsible for all cross-network processes of the CRC. The coordination, organization and management of the CRC is handled here. The central events are also organized by us.

As internal contacts, we look after the financial processing of the funds, guests of the SFB, workshops, conferences and publications. We also support the employees in coordinative and organizational matters. Project Z is also home to the theory and method workshop, which set its central goal to the development of cross-project theory and interdesciplinary methods.

Public relations are also part of project Z since it is responsible for external communication as well. Knowledge transfer and science communication, i.e. the transfer of research content to an interested audience, have been an important focus for the work of the Central Administration Project since the start of the second funding period. Building on existing public relations activities, we are deepening and forming cooperations with non-university actors in the cultural area. These include the cooperation with the State Museums in Berlin, a project-based cooperation with DoMiD, the Documentation Center for Migration in Germany, as well as project work with the Neuen deutschen Medienmacher*innen and the Federal Agency for Civic Education, each supported by the Central Administration Project accompanied by public relations.