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The Fabrication of Emotion Repertoires

Woman practicing yoga by a lake

Woman practicing yoga by a lake
Image Credit: rawpixel: McKinsey

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University of Hamburg
Department of Social Sciences
Allende-Platz 1
20146 Hamburg


Berlin Project Office:
Habelschwerdter Allee 45
14195 Berlin
Room K33/204
Tel.: +49 30 838 68439

The Fabrication of Emotion Repertoires. On the Affective Subjectification of Mindfulness, Empowerment, Inclusion and Awareness

The project B06 aims at a social analysis from the perspective of the sociology of emotions and affect theory. It raises the question of how goal-oriented forms of the formation of feelings are related to central social conflict constellations. The fabrication of emotion repertoires is examined based on four recent representative empirical cases - mindfulness, empowerment, affective inclusion and awareness - which each relate in a contrary way to the societal problems of competition and transnationality. The objective of the project is to investigate the consequences and side effects, dilemmas and paradoxes of explicit forms of the formation of feelings in current modern society.

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