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Affects and Processes of Institutionalization

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Affects and Processes of Institutionalization in Vietnamese Carescapes of Berlin

Project A02 explores the affects and processes of institutionalization in heterogeneous Vietnamese care settings in Berlin. We investigate the ways in which experiences of migration and societal participation shape the perceptions and expectations of different actors in changing institutions. We also take into focus the “costs of caring” which arise from practices of subjective, therapeutic, and professional care, as well as civic engagement. The project provides theoretical contributions on affects and emotions in relation to migration-sensitive carescapes, to the possibilities of societal participation of migrants in the health care-sector and to processes of internal social differentiation in institutionalized fields.

Please find the links to the two Vietnamese special ambulance clinics that are unique in Germany at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Charité, CBF and at Ev. Königin Elisabeth Herzberge Krankenhaus (KEH) as well as to the Berlin based network “Mental Health of Vietnamese Migrants”.

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