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Lecture at the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin 2016

Quelle: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

Quelle: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften
Image Credit: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

At the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin on June 11th at Charité Berlin, project A02 presented their recent work with a poster.
Thi Minh Tam Ta gave a lecture with the title "Transcultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Psychiatric-psychotherapeutic care for vietnamese migrants".

Both the lecture and the poster exhibited at the stand of the subproject referred to special challenges and psychological burdens that arise in the course of specific migration experiences. The interdisciplinary team of the subproject A02, which examines the different migration paths of actors in Vietnamese Berlin and the resulting efforts, answered the questions of visitors to the Long Night. In addition, a video on the observation of non-verbal forms of expression provided a vivid example of the possibilities of ethnographic methods in this field. An interactive game on expression, recognition and naming of emotions was enthusiastically accepted by visitors and generated interested questions.
For the research project, the Long Night of the Sciences 2016 was thus a complete success, which made the topic dealt with and the research network visible to an interested audience from outside the field.