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First funding period: Affective Efforts of Migration: South and North Vietnamese Lifeworlds in Separated and Reunified Berlin

With July 2019 the CRC started its second funding period and therfore initialized a shift and development in its research focus. The last four years this project concentrated on slightly different topics.

A02: Affective Efforts of Migration

A02: Affective Efforts of Migration
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In the focus of our anthropological-psychiatric project are aging first-generation migrants from former North and South Vietnam. The diverse reasons for migration as well as the particular ways of migration to the FRG and GDR, respectively, were quite distinct for both groups of migrants, that is ‘boat people’ and ‘contract workers,’ with each scenario entailing diverse emotional and affective challenges. Using interdisciplinary approaches and methodology, we examine the affective efforts of coping with emotional crises in daily life. Additionally, we want to explore the various contexts that are in fact managed with the help of psychiatric-psychotherapeutic professionals. Thereby, our project contributes to the CRC’s general interest in the shaping of transcultural emotion repertoires. Furthermore, our project is characterized by our conceptualization of migrants as actors who actively shape their life worlds by drawing from different resources such as psychiatric-psychotherapeutic help.

Find links to both Germany-wide unique Vietnamese-speaking specialized outpatient clinics at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, CBF and Ev. Hospital Königin Elisabeth Herzberge (KEH) here.

The project researchers meet regularly in the context of the Anthropological-Psychiatric Work Group on Emotion and Migration (APAME).