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Conference "Affective Arrangements in Mental Health Care Settings", organized by project A02

Design: Maria Kleinschmidt

Design: Maria Kleinschmidt

On September 24-26, 2018, the conference "Affective Arrangements in Mental Health Care Settings" took place at Freie Universität Berlin. The symposium was organized by project directors Anita von Poser, Eric Hahn and Thi Minh Tam Ta in cooperation with Jan Slaby (project B05). The team of project A02 also gave talks and moderated discussions.

Thi Minh Tam Ta and Eric Hahn gave a lecture with the title "Applying Affective Arrangements in therapeutic settings for migrants in Berlin“. Main Huong Nguyen, Jörg-Christian Lanca und Edda Heyken argued for an interdisciplinary approach within their talk "Out of the Box: De-/Constructing Affective Arrangements in Vietnamese Berlin“. According to them, this person-centered approach can help to understand the specific efforts of migration that emerge together under the burden of speechlessness.

In the panel discussion "Affective Arrangements and the Future of Carescapes", Anita von Poser moderated the various disciplinary approaches and scientific findings within a final dialogue.