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project description

The project deals with the discursive construction of Muslim subject positions and their affective couplings in German-language YouTube videos, focusing on productions that negotiate from a Muslim perspective how femininity and femininely marked self-practices can be properly understood and performed in the context of a secular society. Using discourse-analytical procedures and the "Reading for Affect" approach developed in the SFB, I have identified three positions that link to different models and norms of femininity within and outside the Islamic field and differ with regard to their inherent ideal of Muslim femininity as well as the self-techniques and affective attitudes associated with it. In addition to an "exclusively moral-religious" position of femininity, which demands an orientation of the self towards rigid theologically based moral codes and a demarcation from secular self-designs, an "aesthetic-lifestyle-oriented" model could be reconstructed, which links religious practice with elements of Western-marked popular culture, as well as a "critical-activist" position, which demarcates itself both from attributions on the part of the majority society and from patriarchal structures in Islamic milieus.