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Affective Societies Blog

The Affective Societies Blog has been initiated by staff members of the SFB. The aim is to create a public forum for research insights, sharing experiences from scientific work, and actively engaging in socially virulent debates. The Affective Societies Blog is not only addressing academics in the humanities and social sciences. In particular, the theater criticism and thematic series also address a broader, interested public. These target groups are approached in different ways through the cross-media networking of the blog with other channels (website, Twitter, newsletter).

The blog format is editorially managed by an interdisciplinary team of academic staff (PraeDocs). The circle of authors, however, include many other staff members from the various subprojects and disciplines of the network. In addition, the range of texts is supplemented by guest contributions. The core editorial team is administratively accompanied by Katharina Kirchhoff and supported by the mentors Prof. Doris Kolesch and Prof. Christian von Scheve.

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