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The Anatolian High-Mountain Ranges. Plant Diversity Between Two Seas

Parolly, Gerald – 2020

This contribution provides a survey on the high-mountain vegetation of Anatolia, Turkey, covering the West Anatolian Mts., the Taurus mountain system, the Inner Anatolian volcanoes, the East Anatolian highlands and the Black Sea Mts. Due to its location between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the intersection of three phytogeographical regions, a highly varied geologic and climatic setting in addition to a dramatic geological past, the plant life of the different Anatolian mountains systems and isolated peaks is amazingly diverse and very rich in endemics. The chapter introduces all important high-mountain ranges, their zonation, major ecosystems, key vegetation types and floristic inventories. Based on a thorough phytogeographic analysis of the high-mountain flora and an evaluation of a wide range of floristic and phylogenetic studies, the diversity patterns of the Anatolian mountain systems and their floristic links to the adjacent areas are reviewed and mapped.

The Anatolian High-Mountain Ranges
Parolly, Gerald
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-45212-4_7
Appeared in
Noroozi (Ed.) 2020 – Plant Biogeography and Vegetation, Band/Volume 17 ÜBERPRÜFEN
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pp. 215–286