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The third area of the circuit of media culture analyzed in the project is the reception and appropriation of the media text.

By using the methods of non-participating video observation and thinking aloud the reception is analysed in the context of the affective setting of TV reception and affective practices of the viewers. We are interested in how viewers interact with the television text on a physical-affective level. On the one hand, we develop methodologically innovative approaches that shed light on the affective setting of TV reception in form of interaction between human bodies, media text and media technologies. At the same time, we want to empirically define the affective practices of television as a social practice more precisely. In four video observations, viewers were observed in their home environment during the reception of an episode of Season 11 of Germany's Next Topmodel. Subsequently, interviews were conducted with them later in which they were asked about the reception.

The subsequent process of appropriation and (cognitive) processing is examined in six group discussions. The aim is to analyse how viewers construct belonging against the background of the affective dynamics visible in reality TV formats and which processes of communitization become visible in this context.

First results:

Lünenborg, M.; Maier, T. (2019): Analyzing Affective Media Practices by the Use of Video Analysis, in: Kahl, A. (Hg.) An­alyzing Affective Societies: Methods and Meth­odolo­gies, New York: Routledge, Vol. 2.