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Affekte der Wahrheit. Über autoritäre Sensitivitäten von der Aufklärung bis 4Chan, Trump und der Alt-Right

Affekte der Wahrheit (Cover)

Affekte der Wahrheit (Cover)

Mühlhoff, Rainer – 2019

Based on a theory of affectivity and subjectivity, this article analyzes differ- ent affective sensitivities behind authoritarian styles of politics. Following the late work of Michel Foucault, I formulate a concept of political subjec- tivity that describes the emergence of (new) forms of political articulation as a result of an interplay of individual affective sensitivities and media- technical structures of public communication. To illustrate the theoretical points, the article starts from a brief outline of affective subjectivation in the context of the discourse ethics of (German) Enlightenment. Then I will discuss the emergence of political subjectivities in the context of the elec- tion of Donald Trump as the 45th US President in 2016. As I will argue, the current rise of right-wing populism and the Alt-Right movement shows a political impulse aimed at disturbing and destroying the established politi- cal apparatus. This can be theorized as a form of authoritarian mobilization based on the activation of a cynical and destructive authoritarian sensitiv- ity. While this sensitivity must be distinguished from a civic and indignant form of authoritarian sensitivity, both forms resonated in a symbiotic af- fective interplay that emerged out of a complex strategy of media guerilla around the election of Donald Trump.

Affekte der Wahrheit
Mühlhoff, Rainer
DOI: 10.6094/behemoth.2018.11.2.989
Appeared in
Behemoth - A Journal on Civilisation 11(2)
Size or Duration
pp. 74–95