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Workshop What’s NExT? 2022

Together with their research partners at BAMF, Thomas Götzelmann and Larissa Vetters conceived and organised the digital workshop "Agile and mobile - how to continue after ad hoc digitisation" on 24 March 2022 as part of the NExT network - a platform run by administrative employees for the administration that serves to exchange information about the digital transformation of public administration.

The workshop was aimed at 'digital movers' at local, state and federal level who are involved in introducing new technologies and agile ways of working in their home administrations, and who were caught as unexpectedly by an unplanned ad hoc digitisation surge triggered by the COVID pandemic. The workshop included reflections from academics (Dr Ina Krause, TU Dresden; Thomas Götzelmann, MLU/MPI Halle), reports from practitioners (Dr Martin Kohls, BAMF; Sebastian Marx and Sascha Adam, Dataport) and small group discussions and focused on the lessons learned from this experience of the unplanned 'digitisation of the digitisers'.

The digital workshop format was also a test of a new kind of space for digital and collaborative research.