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Emotional Knowledge, Emotional Styles and Religion

Collective Emotions (Cover)

Collective Emotions (Cover)

Knoblauch, Hubert; Herbik, Regine – 2014

This chapter deals with collective emotions from a sociological point of view. It focuses on emotions that can be observed where religion is celebrated and religiosity is played out and lived. Thereby, it relates to the findings of recent ethnographic research that compared newer Christian congregations with a Pentecostal or evangelical orientation to Christian parishes of the Evangelical Church in Germany or the Roman Catholic Church with regard to their respective emotional culture. After discussing some theoretical reflections on the concepts of emotion and experience in the history of the sociology of religion, the role of emotional knowledge for the religious life is considered. Both the knowledge that is gained via emotions and the knowledge about emotions are thereby taken into account. Both categories of knowledge are respectively linked with the well-known concepts of “feeling rules” and “emotional regimes,” and also with the concept of “emotional styles” that the authors used for their interpretation of qualitative, empirical data.

Emotional Knowledge, Emotional Styles and Religion
Knoblauch, Hubert; Herbik, Regine
DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199659180.003.0024
Appeared in
Scheve, Salmela (Ed.) 2014 – Collective Emotions
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pp. 356–371