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Collective Emotions. Perspectives from Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology

Collective Emotions (Cover)

Collective Emotions (Cover)

Scheve, Christian von; Salmela, Mikko (Ed.) – 2014

This book presents a comprehensive overview of contemporary theories and research on collective emotions. It spans several disciplines and brings together, for the first time, various strands of inquiry and up-to-date research in the study of collective emotions and related phenomena. In focusing on conceptual, theoretical, and methodological issues in collective emotion research, the volume aims at narrowing the gap between the wealth of studies on individual emotions and inquiries into collective emotions. The book catches up with a renewed interest into the collective dimensions of emotions and their close relatives, for example emotional climates, atmospheres, communities, and intergroup emotions. This interest is propelled by a more general increase in research on the social and interpersonal aspects of emotion on the one hand, and by trends in philosophy and cognitive science towards refined conceptual analyses of collective entities and the collective properties of cognition on the other hand. Eminent scholars from disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, and information science address various issues related to the properties, causes, and social consequences of collective emotions. The book represents understandings of the collective properties of emotions ranging from mimicry and contagion in social interaction to shared beliefs, collective intentions, social practices, and political mobilization. The 28 chapters are divided into seven sections: “Conceptual perspectives”; “Collective emotion in face-to-face interactions”; “The social-relational dimension of collective emotion”; “The social consequences of collective emotions”; “Group-based and intergroup emotion”; “Rituals, movements, and social organization”; and “Collective emotions in online social systems.”

Collective Emotions
Scheve, Christian von; Salmela, Mikko (Ed.)
Oxford University Press
DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199659180.001.0001