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Article: "Between purpose of life, mockery and nostalgia. How Christianity unties and divides right-wing adherents" by Aletta Diefenbach

The article by Aletta Diefenbach (SP C04) explores the meanings and functions of Christianity for various locally active groups (AfD, Pegida, Identitarian Movement) of the New Right. Three exemplary cases illustrate how multifaceted and thus also controversial Christianity is as a unifying resource. 

News from Dec 07, 2021

The role of Christianity in the current shift to the right has so far been described as a diffuse identity marker for the self, as belonging without believing. References such as Christian culture stand for the identitary, but they articulate a secular and cultural rather than a believing "we. Diagnoses of this kind have so far been primarily attached to public programmatics or discourses. What is less clear is how Christian bodies of knowledge also maintain their relevance at the lifeworld level of new local groups and contribute to a collective identity of the so-called New Right.

The article appears in the Journal of Religion, Society and Politics.

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