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Publication: "Affect, Power, and Institutions"

Affect, Power, and Institutions is the newest volume in the Routledge book series covering the work associated with Affective Societies. Edited by Millicent Churcher, Sandra Calkins, Jandra Böttger and Jan Slaby.

News from Jan 17, 2023

This volume advances a comprehensive transdisciplinary approach to the affective lives of institutions – theoretical, conceptual, empirical, and critical. With this approach, the volume foregrounds the role of affect in sustaining as well as transforming institutional arrangements that are deeply problematic.

As part of its analysis, this book develops a novel understanding of institutional affect. It explores how institutions produce, frame, and condition affective dynamics and emotional repertoires, in ways that engender conformance or resistance to institutional requirements.

This collection of works will be important for scholars and students of interdisciplinary affect and emotion studies from a wide range of disciplines, including social sciences, cultural studies, social and cultural anthropology, organizational and institution studies, media studies, social philosophy, aesthetics, and critical theory.

Published by Routledge, December 30th 2022.

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