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New Publication: "Awareness: Paradoxes of an Emotion Program"

The new article by Nadine Maser and Sighard Neckel (TP B06) was published in Leviathan.

News from Jun 27, 2023

Closely linked to current conflicts on minority rights, anti-discrimination, and diversity, awareness has recently emerged as a specific practice of discrimination avoidance. Awareness is a political practice and an emotional program that aims to be sensitive towards the concerns of individuals and groups whose identity claims are disputed. Feelings and emotional reactions are interpreted as indicators of conflicts between the privileged and the disadvantaged. Field research in various fields of implementation is used to analyze the problems, dilemmas and paradoxes associated with awareness. In the process this awareness gets entangled in self-contradictions. In combating discrimination, it adopts the construction of the same social categories with which many types of discrimination typically operate. As an emotional program seeking to counter feelings of insecurity, awareness in turn triggers affective tensions and insecurities.

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