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Aesthetics of the prefigurative - theater studies workshop at the FU Berlin

As part of the research project 'P/Reenacting Emotions: Feeling Futures in the Performative Arts' under the direction of Theresa Schütz & Doris Kolesch, the workshop will take place on January 30 at the FU Berlin.

News from Jan 16, 2024

For more than a decade, political scientists in particular have been using the term
political science in particular, the concept of prefigurative politics has been used to
movements has (again) been increasingly discussed. The focus here is on experimental, collective and
political actions that work towards the practical anticipation of alternative social conditions.
alternative social conditions. It is about the imagination and the
concrete testing of other social and relational practices that are critical of capitalism and power.
relational practices of decision-making, organizing and/or production.
Authors such as Paula Serafini and Valeria Graziano have shown the extent to which
prefigurative practices also come into play in intervening art actions,
which - going beyond strategic institutional critique - invite viewers to
to (pre-)enact concrete counter-models in the here and now. Through the shared
and sensing potential micro-utopias, the aim is not least to test other forms of
other forms of subjectivity in a mode of mutual care.
The prefigurative thus comes into view as a transformational element of feeling
futures, which imagines future modes of relationship and realizes them through affective and
emotional modulation in situ.

Please register until 19th of Januar via schuetz.theresa@fu-berlin.de

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