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"Gefühle am Ende der Welt" - Episode 7: RESSENTIMENT

Nov 03, 2023 | 08:00 PM

With episode 7: RESSENTIMENT, the format "Gefühle am Ende der Welt", moderated by Henrike Kohpeiß and Philipp Wüscher, goes into a new round. Guests will be Jorinde Schulz and Ulrich Engel OP.

"Whether it is possible to live without resentment is not clear. The need to hold others responsible for one's own suffering is sometimes justified, often unjustified, but mostly futile. Resentment comes over us exactly when things are at their worst and we have little to counter it with. However, the feelings that arise when the rain hits you in the face and everything seems to have conspired against your own existence are not harmless, but also have a political impact - not least because they tend to become more collective and produce scapegoats. The philosophical conceptual history of resentment consistently makes high demands on individuals: to dissociate pain (Stoa), to reject small-mindedness (Nietzsche), to embody the wound (Deleuze), and overall to stop complaining. But what other than claims do we have concretely to counter resentment? And what would a society look like that could generously and softly absorb anger at conditions and transform it into concern for one another? And when does fervent indignation at having been treated unjustly express the knowledge that the world must change?"

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Time & Location

Nov 03, 2023 | 08:00 PM

am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz