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Interdisciplinary work at the CRC


Annual coordination by our thematic areas

The cross-network collaboration will be coordinated annually by the subprojects of a thematic area.

Thematic Groups

The thematic groups, which are organized by scholars of the CRC, work on cross-project topics in an interdisciplinary way.

Central Reflection Project

The critical reflection of the research on affect and emotion conducted in the Collaborative Research Center will be further developed by a central reflection project.

Theory and Methods Workshop

The theory and methods workshop links and develops the conceptual work and theory formations of the various disciplines of the research network.

Tandem collaborations (1st & 2nd funding period)

In the first two terms, the interdisciplinary leadership tandems were responsible for the content and organization of the research network and its orientation, each acting for one year.

Project Nomad (1st funding period)

In the first term of the network, the project nomad mediated between the individual disciplines and subprojects to enable an interdisciplinary methodological orientation.