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Network Affect and Colonialism


Jonas Bens, social and cultural anthropology
Rosa Cordillera A. Castillo, social and cultural anthropology
Fabian Bernhardt, philosophy
Débora Medeiros, Media and Communication Studies
Verena Straub, art history/visual studies

Student Assistant
Maximilian Apel
Olivia Pieczewski

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: info@aac-weblab.net

Colonialism is not only a historic formation but also a present that endures until today. Far from being a thing of the past, the colonial heritage does not stop to shape and model social and cultural realities – in societal institutions and spaces, images and terms, patterns of perception and feeling, economic inequalities and political dependencies, forms of subjectivation, repertoires of emotion and affective arrangements of different kinds and ranges. The international network will investigate the different affective dynamics that come along with colonialism and its neo- and postcolonial extensions. On the one hand, it draws on colonial studies and post- and decolonial theories, and on the other hand, it draws on theories of affect and emotion in the humanities and social sciences. The aim is to better understand in what ways colonialism and its ongoing manifestations generate, maintain, modulate, change or reject certain affects and emotions.


Digital Exhibition

The virtual exhibition "Systemic affects – Eurocentrism as periphery" of the Web Lab is hosted by the collaborative tandem of Luiza Prado and Jaider Esbell


A platform for short videos by a diverse community of authors from the fields of science, art, political activism and journalism


Exciting conversations with scholars, artists, journalists, and activists who critically examine the affective life and afterlife of colonialism