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On Distance - On the Disembodiment of the University as Public Sphere

The first season of the podcast "More than a Feeling - Gefühle und Gesellschaft" is coming to an end, and our two hosts Birgitt Röttger-Rössler and Margreth Lünenborg look back on a year of conversations with colleagues, but also on almost two years of digitalized scientific work that have left their traces.

The connection between the public and the private through feelings and emotions is also the subject of this episode, with the spotlight on the university as a public place and the question of what the ongoing pandemic is doing to this place.

The "Verkachelung der Welt" (literally: the tile-ification of the world) that determines our everyday working life leads to barrenness, loss, and a certain lack in communication through its reduction to faces and upper bodies. Whereas "the university" used to be considered intellectual, if not heavy-headed, scientists and students had to realize that thinking is a profoundly physical business. Spaces and bodies play just as important a role as non-verbal communication and interaction in presence. How does it feel, our podcasters ask when all of these fall away?

The episode is available in German.

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