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S2E1: Before the law – Emotions and digitalized migration management

Which emotions matter in the management of a complex, multilayered and politicized process like migration to Germany? This episode takes a look at the emotions of those who are entrusted with the bureaucratic side.

Episode 10: On Distance - On the Disembodiment of the University as Public Sphere

The first season of the podcast "More than a Feeling - Gefühle und Gesellschaft" is coming to an end, and our two hosts Birgitt Röttger-Rössler and Margreth Lünenborg look back on a year of conversations with colleagues, but also on almost two years of digitalized scientific work that have left their traces.

Episode 9: There is no such thing as ageing - how our feelings about ageing change

How old are you? Or how young? As we discover in this episode of our podcast "More than a Feeling", ageing can hardly be expressed in numbers. Ageing is too diverse for that. But what differences are there in growing old?

"Have you eaten today?" Emotion Building in Vietnamese Berlin

The 8th episode of our podcast "More than a Feeling - Feelings and Society" invites you to reflect on the formation of feelings in Vietnamese Berlin: What frictions and conflicts arise when different ideas of education collide?

Episode 7: People and plants - Emotional encounters in the botanical garden Berlin

The 7th episode of the podcast "More than a Feeling - Feelings and Society" is dedicated to the question of how our interaction with plants shapes our emotional experience, and how touching and being touched by plants can be explored ethnologically.

Masks as care - Corona in Vietnam

The 6th episode of the podcast "More than a Feeling - Feelings and Society" focuses on the Corona policy in Vietnam and its impact on the Vietnamese Diaspora in Berlin.

All neutral news? How journalism creates feelings

The 5th episode of the podcast “More than a Feeling - Emotions and Society” examines the question of how neutral the observations are that the daily news presents to us every evening at 8:15 pm. What role play feelings for every form of journalism.

Theatre as emotion-machine - livestream instead of box seat?

This episode is about theatre as an emotion-machine, about the experiences of the audience and the performers under the current pandemic measures, and about the meaning of theatre as a space of belonging in a post-migrant society. Our guests are Doris Kolesch and Matthias Warstat, both theatre scholars.

Outrage - Cultural Diversity as a Guiding Principle under Criticism

The third episode of the podcast "More Than a Feeling – Gefühle und Gesellschaft" is all about the outrage that often accompanies public discussions about cultural diversity. Our guests are Jürgen Brokoff and Christian von Scheve, who look at the phenomenon from a literary and sociological perspective.

Mindfulness - or how feelings are made

In this second episode of our podcast "More than a Feeling - Gefühl und Gesellschaft" we talk about how feelings are produced by programs like mindfulness stress reduction, that are explored by project B07 "The Fabrication of Emotion Repertoires".

No more home sweet home: When private and public become inseperable

In this first episode of the podcast "More than a Feeling - Feeling and Society" everything revolves around home sweet home and how our feeling of home changes in times of Corona.