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Theatre as emotion-machine - livestream instead of box seat?

This episode is about theatre as an emotion-machine, about the experiences of the audience and the performers under the current pandemic measures, and about the meaning of theatre as a space of belonging in a post-migrant society. Our guests are Doris Kolesch and Matthias Warstat, both theatre scholars.

Outrage - Cultural Diversity as a Guiding Principle under Criticism

The third episode of the podcast "More Than a Feeling – Gefühle und Gesellschaft" is all about the outrage that often accompanies public discussions about cultural diversity. Our guests are Jürgen Brokoff and Christian von Scheve, who look at the phenomenon from a literary and sociological perspective.

Mindfulness - or how feelings are made

In this second episode of our podcast "More than a Feeling - Gefühl und Gesellschaft" we talk about how feelings are produced by programs like mindfulness stress reduction, that are explored by project B07 "The Fabrication of Emotion Repertoires".

No more home sweet home: When private and public become inseperable

In this first episode of the podcast "More than a Feeling - Feeling and Society" everything revolves around home sweet home and how our feeling of home changes in times of Corona.