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There is no such thing as ageing - how our feelings about ageing change

How old are you? Or how young? As we discover in this episode of our podcast "More than a Feeling", ageing can hardly be expressed in numbers. Ageing is too diverse for that. But what differences are there in growing old? These are determined not only by physical ageing processes but also by aspects such as migration, emotion, health and social inequality.

The two social and cultural anthropologists Anita von Poser and Edda Willamowski explain this in conversation with the hosts Birgitt Röttger-Rössler and Margreth Lünenborg.

In their sub-project A02, Anita von Poser and Edda Willamowski and their colleagues are investigating the so-called 'Carescapes' in Vietnamese Berlin. They ask to what extent migration experiences shape the perceptions and expectations of Viet-German residents of Berlin towards institutions of care and health care, and how practices of subjective care, therapeutic care, professional care and civic engagement change.

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