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"Have you eaten today?" Emotion Building in Vietnamese Berlin

The 8th episode of our podcast "More than a Feeling - Feelings and Society" invites you to reflect on the formation of feelings in Vietnamese Berlin:

What happens when Berlin youth welfare offices meet Viet-German families? What ideas of 'good' parenting collide here? How can an anthropological project support the mediation between youth welfare workers and Viet-German families? All this can be heard in this episode ">Have you eaten today?< Emotional Education in Vietnamese Berlin".

Our guests are the otherwise host Birgitt Röttger-Rössler and her colleague Hoang Anh Nguyen from subproject A01, which investigates the formation of feelings in Vietnamese Berlin. Specifically, they are exploring how feelings are formed in transnational and culturally diverse contexts and what frictions and conflicts arise when different ideas of education come together. They specifically explore those programs that aim to transform the parenting styles and practices of Vietnamese parents in Berlin along an ideal of the 'German nuclear family'.

We welcome questions, comments, and critiques via email at podcast@sfb1171.de.