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Gender and Affect

In recent decades, the emergence of gender as a major analytical category in the humanities and social sciences has allowed scholars to explore the construction of social norms and the sexual organization of society in new and fruitful ways. Among the ones often emphasized are socially constructed, gender-specific modalities of affective expressions, which are shaped by culture, social milieu, intertextualities and history. Altogether, this analytical lens allows for a better comprehension of the ways in which gender norms shape individual affective experiences and emotional lives, and also the manner in which these are socially expressed and perceived.

While culturally shaped gendered norms of emotion management have been widely discussed, a pressing yet scarcely discussed question relates to how the construction of gender norms impacts how individuals experience affects. What role affect plays in the (re)production of gender(s)? How does it correlate with different sexual orientations and gender identities?


Jean-Baptiste Pettier


J.C. Lanca

Sophie Nikoleit (TP B03) 

Omar Kasmani (TP C03) 

Matthias Lüthjohann (TP A03)