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The Theories and Methods Workshop is the core of the collective research effort at the CRC working towards a re-orientation in the field of emotion and affect research in social and cultural studies. The workshop aims at the development of innovative methods guided by a theory-driven empirical approach while emphasizing reflexive and ethnographic methodology as well as artistic-aesthetic methods. It employs three forms of cooperation: tandem cooperations and thematic groups. The three interdisciplinary tandem cooperations – each holding office for one year - preside over organisational matters and content while elaborating on central desiderata of the CRC. The transdisciplinary thematic groups serve especially as a forum for early-stage researchers from different subprojects in which topics and scientific questions relevant to various subprojects are discussed. Furthermore, the Theories and Methods Workshop organizes regular methods roundtables to push for transdisciplinary methodical impulses.


08.07.2021 Theory & Methods Roundtable: Decolonizing Social Science Methodology

29.04.2021 Digital*Humanities im Gespräch #18 mit Thomas Stodulka
"Big Data and Complex Knowledge: Observations and Recommendations for Research from the Knowledge Complexity Project."