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GAA Conference 2021

DGSKA-Tagung 2021

DGSKA-Tagung 2021

Taking place in Bremen from September 27 and 30, 2021, the German Anthropological Association (GAA) had dedicated its biennial conference to the topic "Worlds. Zones. Atmospheres. Seismographies of the Anthropocene". Participants were invited to tackle the newly arising challenges of the Anthropocene through an ensemble of holistically arranged ethnographic works, pursuing a better comprehension of the ground-shaking changes that have left us with fundamental insecurity.

On September 28, Jonas Bens and Laibor Moko presented their paper “Feeling Through Things: Ethnographic Explorations of Affect and Colonialism with Maasai Objects”. The paper investigates the emotional meanings that objects in possession of the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin are given by Maasai communities in northern Tanzania and the consequences for approaching indigenous concepts of property and materiality.

On October 1, Paola Ivanov and her colleagues Aylin Tschoepe, Carolin Genz and Valerie Hänsch, hosted the Workshop+Lab, "Sensing Change and Changing Seismographies in the City: Workshop and Co-Lab on Urban Lifeworlds and Aesthetic Activism", in which the city was taken as an ever-changing centre of a myriad of sensory and phenomenological experiences, of which, aesthetic practices are of importance to human and non-human entanglements. The workshop furthermore explored how ethnographies can be employed collaboratively, to explore the changes in the perception of everyday rhythms and practices.