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Collaboration with the artist Susanne Schmitt

Susanne Schmitt

Susanne Schmitt

Her work includes choreographic audio walks for natural history museums around the world ("How to Not be A Stuffed Animal. Moving Museums of Natural History through Multispecies Choreogaphy," Creative Director/PI, funded by the Volkwswagen Foundation), cocktails that function as invitations and memento mori ("Barfly, Danish National Gallery and Other Places, with Kat Petroschkat), and ethnographic works about workplace atmospheres and interspecies encounters. Her teaching and collaborative activities include visiting professorships (MCTS Munich) and transnational residencies (Sense Lab, Montreal).

Talking to plants is almost old hat. But touching them, stroking their leaf veins and leaves, holding on to them, moving them, what about that? And vice versa: To what extent do plants, trees, shrubs, water lilies and orchids touch or move us? During the Berlin Science Week, IASS Fellow Susanne Schmitt created a place called "Haptik Hortus" with the help of the teams from the Prinzessinnengärten and Dis+Ko. It was created in a former nail salon in Neukölln and is located next to Spätis and fast food restaurants. Crowds of people on Hermannstraße stop on the evening of the opening day of Berlin Science Week because they see a shimmering green aquarium behind the window of this place - called "Studio Nagelneu" - where all kinds of things are going on: In this underwater landscape, sponges are used to "wash the algae's head". Or the order is restored by manual sorting and straightening, thinned out and straightened.

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