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kontaminiert.werden 9 Dec 2022

How does the botanical garden collect and arrange plants? And why should this be the "world in a garden"? How do plants disturb the order or break out of it? How do nature and culture intertwine between gardeners and plants, between infrastructure and planting? Where can an institution rooted in colonial logics of exploitation go?

Collaboration with the artist Susanne Schmitt

Susanne Schmitt is a cultural anthropologist and sensory ethnographer, interdisciplinary artist and facilitator. Her work focuses on creative collaborations within and beyond the label "art meets science," cross-species worlds, and the aesthetic dimensions of workplaces and sites of knowledge production such as natural history museums, aquariums, historical textile and fashion collections, and botanical gardens.

Berlin Science Week 1-10 Nov. 2022

The multi-sensory installation "Haptic Hortus" brings stories and experiences of encounters between plants and people in the Botanical Garden Berlin to a place in the city that also holds a complex history of touch.

Workshop "Plant intimacies" 20-21 Oct. 2022

Thinking about plants, their places, and their intimacies, whether desired or undesired, helps bring well-worn but largely unrecognized connections and relationships to the fore. And that, in turn, might allow us to think, plant, and tell less predictable and less human-centered stories.

5th Network Meeting of the AG Umweltethnologie (DGSKA) 19/20. May 2022

On May 19 and 20, the 5th network meeting of the AG Environmental Anthropology of the German Society for Social and Cultural Anthropology (DGSKA) took place at the Freie Universität in Berlin. Sponsored by DGSKA and the Collaborative Research Center 'Affective Societies', the workshop 'Exploring Unruly Sites of More-than-Human Entanglements' brought together 27 scientists from different disciplines.

Una Europa PhD Slam 4 Oct. 2021

Eight Una Europa PhD students presented their research in a 7-minute slam, focusing on the broad concept of sustainability. The PhD Slam was organized by Freie Universität Berlin in collaboration with Una Europa, with support from Berlin Science Week.

Panel EASST/4S-conference 2020

At the EASST (european association for the study
of science and technology) 4S meeting, open panels of scientists related to different STS topics were proposed. The goal was to create new networks on topics of interest to the STS community.

Podcast "People and plants"

The 7th episode of the podcast "More than a Feeling - Feelings and Society" is dedicated to the question of how our interaction with plants shapes our emotional experience, and how touching and being touched by plants can be explored ethnologically.