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Lecture: "Reflecting on 'Regarding Spectatorship'" by Marianna Liosi

Regarding Spectatorship

Regarding Spectatorship

Through the perspective traced by the ongoing research and curatorial project “Regarding Spectatorship”, which culminated in a website and an exhibition, Marianna Liosi will explore some of the most relevant issues unfolded by the project. By way of a selection of artworks and visual materials included in the show, she will analyse the agency of the observer through mediated vision, the effect of online/offline image circulation on the distant onlooker and the role played by empathy within the relation between vision and action.

Marianna Liosi (b. in Italy, 1982) is an independent curator living in Berlin and currently a PhD candidate in Humanities at the University of Ferrara. 

Regarding Spectatorship: Revolt and Distant Observer is an ongoing research project curated by Marianna Liosi and Boaz Levin exploring the notion of mediated political spectatorship.

Time & Place

25th Oct 2016 | 6 p.m.

Kunsthistorisches Institut 
Koserstraße 20, 14195 Berlin 
Room: A 124 (1st floor)