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"Subject positions: performance and discourse"- Workshop with Prof. Dr. Friedemann Kreuder

On Friday, 9 December, the project C05 "Emotion and Relationality in Forms of (Post-) Migrant Theater" will hold a workshop on new perspectives of performance analysis.

In our research on theatre and migration, but also regarding the analysis of affective relations in general, we are confronted with several questions concerning the methods and methodologies of theatre studies: how can we take into account the social heterogeneity and diversity of actors and spectators? How do we deal with the researcher's position, given the fact that performance analysis always derives from a particular perspective? Which analytical means are promising to explore emotional strategies of performances and their possible affective resonances in the audience?

As our external guest, we are pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Friedemann Kreuder of the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Mr. Kreuder is part of the DFG Research Unit "Un/Doing Differences. Practices of human differentation", in which he runs a project on the institutional (re-)production of categories of gender and ethnicity in contemporary German theatre.

The workshop is open to the public and takes place in room KL/202 (Rostlaube).

For the schedule and any further information, see here (German).