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Fabian Bernhardt's "Rache" among the non-fiction books of the month

rbb presents the ten non-fiction books of the month, selected by 24 renowned jurors, and chooses Fabian Bernhardt's (SP B05) "Rache. Über einen blinden Fleck der Moderne". 

News from Sep 27, 2021

The cry of terror of these days and weeks is probably: the revenge of the Taliban. Thousands are fleeing from this revenge, hundreds of thousands of Afghans have to live with the fear. We associate revenge with one thing above all: lawless, unbridled, behavior that lies outside our civilization and society, something utterly different. On our list now is a book that examines precisely this other, this "blind spot of modernity." It is simply called Revenge and is nothing less than a wide-ranging, highly illuminating cultural-historical investigation of a repressed part of our reality that "inkognito unseren eigenen Alltag" (p. 322).

73 / 100