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Maren Wirt on affects in collaborative research

In a blog post for the German Centre for Cultural Loss (Deutsches Zentrum für Kulturverlust), Maren Wirth reports on affects in collaborative research on colonial collections.

News from Feb 23, 2024

"We are a group of five, three men and two women, sitting in the shade of a Maasai hut in Oltukai, northern Tanzania. One of the men is pointing at me angrily and shouting in Maa (Maasai language). The intonation is demanding, but with my poor language skills, I am unable to understand what he wants me to do. "He says you should tell your father to give him back his things," my friend Leah translates. My heart is pounding. I still don't quite understand how we got to this point and what these men are so upset about."

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